Writer-stuckDoes your job depend on getting your writing done?

It’s not easy when your job depends on getting your writing done. Whether you are an academic juggling teaching, administration, and research or work in a marketing department to get research results to upper management,  the emergency of the moment can distract you from long term strategies for success well before you head home to deal with children and spouse.

Maybe you sit down at the end of a long hard day and flip on the computer at home and simply cannot muster the energy to write a single sentence. Sometimes days go by, and you cannot even remember your last thought let alone your primary focus. You start worrying about why you can’t get it done, and your brain begins to freeze up.

Hillary can help! Time to stop worrying and get the assistance you need. Join a writing support group or get 1-on-1 coaching to help get your writing done.

You will learn how to:

  • Stop thinking and start doing;
  • Cope with gremlins;
  • Maintain momentum, even when writing in short spurts;
  • Use exercises and websites to jumpstart the writing process;
  • Apply different techniques to blast those blockages from your brain
  • and more

Are you suffering from writer’s block?

Hillary can help! Many writers get to a certain place and just can’t figure out what to do next.  Whether you are writing a research paper, or creating a novel, you are telling a story to your readers.  By working with Hillary, you will find to fun new ways to jumpstart your writing process, even if you have been stalled for a long time, and renew your motivation and ability to follow through on all those promises you make to yourself about getting your writing done.

She begins with the premise that you can get your work done by consistently working at least fifteen minutes a day on your writing. She has worked with authors that cannot pick up a pen to write, let alone look at a blank computer screen, when the self-sabotaging voice gets too loud.  Not dealing with that voice can lead to all kinds of other trouble: procrastinating, perfectionism and paralysis, worries about the process, stress induced physical ailments like heartburn or panic attacks, editing instead of writing, a blank mind to match the blank screen.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

If you’d like to get some ideas about how to jumpstart your writing process, click below:
Transcript of Hillary Hutchinson’s conversation with Savvy Authors. 

Wondering if your brain is working for you or against you?

Hillary can help!  Using the latest neuroscience data, she can help you see why self-care is so very important for a writer, and how to actually help yourself by taking necessary breaks, exercising, unwinding your mind, sleeping and eating right.  Too many writers feel that they should be able to sit for days on end to grind out a project on deadline, but neither our creative nor strategic portions of the brain work well on this schedule.  Learn how to prioritize your work and day to produce the optimum product by following specific processes.

Contact Hillary to learn more or schedule your FREE 30-minute session with Hillary to discover how career coaching can help you get your writing done!