Transitioning Your Life

Struggling With Your Career?

Need Help Transitioning Your Life To The Next Chapter?

Whether you are an unhappy academic or a mid-life professional considering a career change, you can get help now with transitioning your life!
unhappy academic Career Changer?


It’s all about changing your mindset!

Start integrating who you really are with what you do, to get what you want in your career and your life!

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You’ll get better results and more fulfillment in your life and work.

Benefits Of Working With A Career Coach

This is a highly interactive process. Weekly sessions will provide you with all the tools you need to manage change with resilience, deal with stress, organize your day-to-day life for best results, set achievable goals, and write clearly on demand; especially if your job depends on it.

You will learn to focus on the strengths you exhibit in your current career, as well as identifying and applying these toward a career transition. We work together to define a career path that leaves you happier and more productive in your work and personal life.

Find out now how the CHANGE UP program will stop you from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, remind yourself of who you really are, clarify your career path, and set you up for success in your professional and personal life.

Why Hillary?

I have been a career coach for over ten years. This is more years than most coaches actually stay in practice. I’ve helped plenty of other people that were having trouble succeeding in academia, or not at all sure what they wanted to do with their professional life, and I can help you, too! If you speak English, no matter where you live in the world, I can work with you. I have had clients in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Germany, Holland, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Turkey, and the United Kingdom, among others. My background in social anthropology makes me particularly well-suited to these cross-cultural conversations.


Helping you create strategic roadmaps for a fulfilling professional and personal life.

 “Hillary carries such a wonderful, supportive brilliance. She is fantastic at coaching people into what most suits their next steps on their personal pathways of success.”
Event Coordinator