Are you unhappy with your career path?

Struggling to get your writing done?

It’s not easy being on the career path in academia anymore, juggling home responsibilities with writing, research and administrative duties.  People outside of the academic environment do not understand how stressful this can be, or how man hours most academics work (50+ hours a week on average).  Graduate students and early career academic often feel like they are on a whirly-gig ride they can’t get off, especially when faced with the third shift called email and social media demands from students and colleagues.

Are you struggling to get your writing done?

Hillary can help! You know that without publication you cannot advance to tenure and beyond. Imagine not having to feel overwhelmed, exhausted and stressed all the time.  With the right assistance, you can make this your reality.

  • Organize to prioritize your obligations
  • Learn to handle stress
  • Communicate better
  • Gain confidence in yourself
  • Manage all kinds of change and transitions without losing focus and productivity.

You can learn tips and tricks to get your writing done that will serve you throughout your academic career, and even into retirement, should you choose to keep writing at that stage.

Have you been denied tenure?

Have you been denied tenure?

Ouch. What a painful place to be.  You succeeded in finishing the dissertation, landing that coveted academic job, moved yourself and perhaps your family to a new place and began the process of settling in and putting down roots, only to discover yourself unwanted.  You spend time beating yourself up, thinking you could have done more in the time you were there, and then realize that the class load you had was daunting and ate up your research time.  Now you feel like a pariah in your department as colleagues fear the contagion of a failed tenure bid, and your chair has so many responsibilities he or she cannot help you with moving on.

Hillary can help!  It may feel like the end of the world to you, but really it’s a chance for a new beginning.  You have the opportunity to reinvent yourself, rebuild your own self-assurance and the buoyancy you had when you landed that job.  Examine your options and spend some time exploring your passions, and rediscovering your authentic self.

Are you considering leaving academia altogether?

Leaving academia?

If you’ve had it with student entitlement attitudes, grading, low pay and lack of respect as an early career academic or an adjunct, you may want to get out of this workplace in favor of something more rewarding (both emotionally and financially).  You have all the skills you need to move into a different field or market, but you don’t know how to revise that CV into a resume, or write a corporate cover letter instead of preparing an entire academic packet.  Or you can’t remember what you used to think was fun to do before you went into an academic career.

Hillary can help! There are many people who have successfully left academia for more gratifying careers, and some discovered a career path they didn’t even know existed when they started exploring their alternatives.  Learn how to stop making yourself crazy and give yourself the space to breathe in new possibilities, finding the space to play joyously again in the area of your choice.  Stop doing all the things you hate and do the things you love.  Learn how our EDUCO Program teaches you to navigate the path from striving to a thriving academic. Figure out what you want, and what you need to do to get there.


What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.

—T.S. Eliot, from “The Four Quartets”