About the Change Up! Program

Imagine not having to feel overwhelmed or exhausted all the time.  Remind yourself of who you really are: clarify your career path with this eight step Change Up! Program and transition your life to the next stage.

Consider Your Options

My clients tend to contact me for help after reaching a point of desperation, frightened by their own sense of confusion and unable to discern the next best step. Considering your options is about learning to unblock your thoughts about your future, to let your own ideas surface about the direction you want your life to take.

Have a Vision

“Begin with the end in mind,” is timeless advice and why vision and goal setting is important.  Knowing what the big picture looks like includes assuring that your personal and professional life mesh well.  Together we will work through the process of figuring out your own dream, even if it seems unclear to you now.

Act Accordingly

Once you have the big picture and some of the steps that need to be taken to make your dream a reality, we’ll begin the process of strategizing the steps you want to take.  Having a co-active partner in the process will help you brainstorm any area you target, whether it’s about who you need to contact or what the best resources are for your targeted end result.

Nurture Transitions

You will learn that there are both positive and negative forms of stress, and begin the process of learning how to abate the worst effects of negative stress. Using the latest research from neuroscience and some simple techniques that are literally thousands of years old, you will understand what happens when your mind gets hijacked and how to stop that from happening.

Get Organized

There are all kinds of reasons people want to get organized but the most important reason is to be able to identify priorities and then take action. My TAFFY system will help you deal with issues of procrastination, perfectionism, workaholism, multitasking, and generally help you get your physical and mental surroundings uncluttered so that you focus more easily. You’ll be less overwhelmed and exhausted with a good system in place.

Explain Yourself Clearly

Communication, written or oral, is still one of the most important things we humans do.  At this phase of the program, you will be figuring out how to tell other people what you are doing, and how to present yourself in the best possible light.  When making a career transition, part of the narrative becomes “Here is why this is clearly the logical next best step for me.”  This may include reworking your resume or CV, drafting cover letters, or creating a short explanation of what you are currently creating.

Understand YOU Are The Most Important Piece

Learn how to get out (and stay out!) of your own way because how we think about what is happening will affect our ability to make change happen. Learn to accept that you are always stepping into unknown territory, while being as prepared as you can be. Understanding the general phases of change and transition will help you no matter what curves life throws you.

Proudly Celebrate Your Accomplishments

By running all the time to meet deadline after deadline, you may not have taken the time to celebrate how far you have come.  At this point, we will look back to the beginning of the process and review just how far you have come, and just how much you have accomplished by exploring your options, creating an action plan, following through on it, and transitioning your life.  This will be an opportunity to decide what else you want to do to continue moving forward.

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